Frequently asked questions (FAQs):

Welcome to the Innovation and Research Focus Web site. We have tried to anticipate your questions in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section below, but if you cannot find the answer you are looking for, please do not hesitate to contact Roger Venables, the Editor of Innovation and Research Focus or one of his colleagues on Tel: 020 3137 2375.


Are all the back issues of IRF now available on the web site?

No. It was felt that to add articles from earlier issues would not be cost-effective. In addition, we reviewed the status and contents of each article before it was uploaded, and a small number of articles are not included in the on-line archive because their usefulness was felt to be very limited or because they had been superseded by later articles. Single issues of IRF continue to be available in PDF format. You can, however, view pdfs (or read as e-books) issue 31-current on our Archives page.


What do I need to have on my PC to read and search the articles?

All you need is a browser but a pdf reader would be useful as well. The articles can be read using your browser; to print the article exactly as you see it, simply press the Print button at the foot of the page. You can also read the article in PDF (Acrobat) format. Many PCs now have the Acrobat reader software installed, but if yours doesn't, you can download a free copy of the Reader software from the Adobe Web site. To search for an article, simply click on the Search tab on the main menu, and a selection of search functions will be available.


Can I receive printed hard copies of IRF?

Yes if you really need one. We switched about two years ago from being a Newsletter that was mostly published physically that was also available electronically to one that is predominantly distributed electronically but also printed physically for those that feel the need or usefulness. Printed copies of IRF continue to be distributed to those requesting and explaining their need for them. All members (all grades) and Fellows of the ICE are sent a an email ‘Alert’ to tell them when a new issue has been uploaded to the website.


How do I receive such an e-Alert about each new issue?

Please join our e-mailing list so that we can tell you by email when new issues of IRF are published on this site.


Are there any differences between the articles on the web site, and those printed in hard copy?

Sometimes. The articles in the printed copy of IRF often have to be edited down to fit the formatting of the printed page of the newsletter. On the web, these cuts are sometimes restored, so that some of the articles include additional text or, more likely, additional pictures or illustrations when they are available from the author. However, please note that, for the latest articles, the downloadable pdf version is the same as in the printed Newsletter.


Who do I contact for further information about specific articles?

Contact information is given at the foot of each article. As far as we have been able, contact details for each article uploaded to the site have been revisited and updated where necessary, so are fully current even where the article itself was published a few years ago.

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